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SanYa Mangrove

Tree Hotel

Located in the world famous SanYa Island in China, the SanYa Mangrove tree hotel is something more that a concept. Its location truely exist in the YaLong Bay region, and was used for this concept work. The Mangrove tree resembles nature, but in addition vividly brings back the traditional Chinese culture.

The Port of Frontier

The Port of Frontier was one of the most violent places in PortIsland project. It has a dark history of rebellion, but at the same time represents the step towards industrialization. 

This project followed the key concept of a Chinese industrial revolution taken places a hundred years ago. By combining industiral elements, LinsCraft seek possibility of the Chinese art in modern industrialization.

Our Two Year Anniversary


Since the Beginning LinsCraft had always follow the path of creating project that makes people a culturally aware. This video sums up the project we've made during our toughest times, but in addition tells the story of the birth and growth of our design team. 

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