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The legend says that one powerful and mythical Coatl dwells in the mythical city upon the mountains.

Are you brave enough to adventure into the unknown?


A City to Explore

In this map, you'll be able to discover the ancient city that enshrines the legendary Coatl. Be aware though, that there are more dangers than you think. 


The Ancient Pyramid

Function both as the shrine for the ancient gods and something more powerful, the pyramid supports the civilization with its hidden powers. Keep in mind that traveling in this scared powerful place requires one's purist of hearts. 


The Dangers Below

Prepare yourself as you travel deeper into the secrets of this ancient and mystical city. If you have a faint heart, this is no place for you. If you are one brave adventurer, be cautious of the danger lurking in the dark. More are to be discovered through your courage and bravery. 

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