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The holy city of Kylin seems to have been buried by history. 
Either proceed or retreat, the choice is yours. 
Don't forget the way you came, and don't forget your courage! 

Defeat the chaotic Kylin, solve the mystery, and free the trapped souls of the Kylin city.

This is the song of you, our brave adventurer!


the evil


the lost

You shall Fight the evil and defeat the powerful monsters of the Kylin city. the battleground is here and there is no escape. Prepare yourself for the dangers and always keep in mind that you are not alone in this long-forgotten city. 


The Mystery 

You shall solve the mystery and the intricate puzzles of this lost and damned city. find your way through the complex system of mechanical tunnels, walls, and traps. get mentally prepared as you will be tested by the highest and most deadly mechanisms that lays ahead.


Battle Arena

save the souls of the city and the treasures shall be yours! 

the mystical and powerful monster shall be summoned and you are the hero of this song!

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