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Shot with TME Shader Pack.









spring festival town

Spring Festival Town is one of the commission hub projects we made for a Chinese online celebrity's gaming server in partner with NetEase. Their server is currently under construction.If you want to visit the hub, we'll post more information soon about their update!


The whole map was designed based on adventure and exploration. From the point where you spawn (located at the round square beside the river),you are able to set foot in different shops and outdoor activities. Straight from the players reach, the NPC of this map can give player useful information about where to purchase items and dig treasures. 


There are many fun activities you can do alongside the NPC events. There are areas where the player can fly Elytra across the map with their friends, or hop on roof tiles to do some parkour. We also included a stage for you to participate in a dance competition (using mini


You can find yourself emersed in Chinese culture when you visit the map. We want to make this map as memorable for you as possible, so we've included iconical Spring Festival elements such as sky Lantern that enlighten the night sky, the lantern show along the river that brings up the spirit to a whole new level, and the enormous Peach Blossom Tree that represents good luck, well spirit, and forever lasting longevity of life. 

What this meant for us

This map not only is an entertaining gaming map, but also an educational art piece where you can learn and emerge into many of the Chinese cultural heritage that still exists until this day from thousands of years ago. There is a lot more to just creating a fun map for players to enjoy. This map combined with our cultural heritage reflects our attitude towards spreading different cultural ideology through our own expression. 

Enjoy the map!

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