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For thousands of years, the Chinese garden has combined the beauty of its rocks, trees, and architectures into one living scroll of painting.


Take part and experience in this beautiful yet liberating garden!


A Live Painting

The Chinese garden is a living painting. The trees, the water, and the architecture are all part of a great plan - to create a man-made scenery of the natural landscape. From the 'Jia Shan' (Artificial Mountains) to the gardens, each contains a living piece of the story to tell. In this map, you shall find yourselves submerge into a living scroll of Chinese art. Sections by sections, you shall unveil the hidden nature and beauty of this garden. 


A world within a landscape

There are plenty of areas for you to discover within this mash-up pack. The gardens are interconnected, creating a world of its own. From the windows of your living room to the guest house that you and your friends role-play and enjoy life, you shall see fields of flowers, trees flowing with greenery, and gardens that represent the landscapes of China. 


A Place of Harmony

Here you shall find peace, a place where you can enjoy a relaxing and quiet lifestyle. Decorate your own rooms with unique Chinese furniture and participate in making a Chinese garden of your own. Plant flowers, Bonzai, and other vegetation to meet the pleasing of your eyes.


This is the Chinese garden, a place where nature evolves and turn into a living scroll of art. 

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