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The Port of Frontier


The Port of Frontier Bird Eye View
The Port of Frontier
Train Station
The Port of Frontier
The Great Wall of the Port
BattleShip of the Port
The Port of Frontier
The Port of Frontier
The Port of Frontier
The Port of Frontier
The Port of Frontier
The Port of Frontier
The Port of Frontier
The Port of Frontier
The Cargo Space

"We want to create something that is close to our own culture. China did not went through an industrial revolution like Japan or the West. Rather we are in a industrial revolution set in modern times. This project resembles a fantasized era and kingdom where an oriental style industrial revolution occurs, and what is there for you to see is the dark smog and turning mechanics of this industrial port.  "

                                                                           - Ireliamana (Project Manager of The Port of Frontier)


Showcase Video for this Project

How it Began and Design Philosophy

After the publication of Sanya, one of our design teams decided to take a step forward into a new type of style. It began with a conversation over steampunk technology. Some of us believe that we can design a steampunk related theme, where many others think it is a waste of time as it was already designed numerous of times. However, the two divided opinion matched after one night of long conference that why don't we build something base on fantasy but with some reality in it. 


The design behind The Port of Frontier follows the core meaning of what it meant to be an 'Oriental Industrial Revolution'. Set in a fictional Chinese period, the team took notice of the transformation of using wood as the main base material for the industrial revolution during the era. This idea and concept were used throughout the entire project, making it an industrial improvement base on the material of wood. The team draws inspiration from other cultural industrial revolution such as the Meiji Era of Japan and the Industrial Evolution happened in European countries such as the United Kingdom. 


About this Project

This project took us an approximate of 8 months to finish. Each region is loaded with details. If you are able to walk within this project, you may interact with all the ornaments and items within a house or a factory. The project scale 1:1.5. We decided to enlarge the project a bit more in order magnify some of the carvings that are placed on walls and homes. 


Thoughts and Conclusion

This project was, in the end, an experimental design. There are flaws and anti-physics elements. We decided to remain some of the flaws to remain some creativity and personality in our work. The feelings and benefit that the team got from this project were enormous. Not only did we recognize the importance of technology that played an important factor in social-economical movement, but also made us understand that functional design can be merged with traditional cultural designs.

Picture Rendered by:
Art Drawn by:
Guan Zheng Fan
(See Video for Detail)
Lead Design:
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