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Terms and Conditions

By visiting our website LinsCraft.Design. logging in to our server LinsCraft.World or, and by using our products, brand and pictures, you are here agreeing to the following terms:

1. You'll cite all of the sources, product, images, medias, designs, ideas, and any other form of medium that comes and representation of LinsCraft.

2. All product of LinsCraft is under the protection of CC (Creative commons). Thus, you cannot modify and claim it as your own. 

3. That you acknowledge that LinsCraft reserve the full right for all its patents, products, and ideas.

4. That LinsCraft is not responsible for your safety and concerns on our platform, server, and website.

5. That you are not to use our product for commercial purposes.

6. That you will not reupload our product without the consent from us 

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