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Hot Spring Island


HotSpring Island Market
Hot Spring House
Cherry Tree

It is a place for people to fantasize about. When you are soak into the hot warm water of the bath house on this island all weariness and fatigue goes away. Quiet your thought and immerse into the thoughts of the hot flowing water. 


Showcase Video for this Project

How it began

The entire project begins with a conversation with our terrain former and technician Qian Kang. It was during his visit that he desires to create a place to rest his minds. As we dig deeper into the conversation we concluded that a place with hot spring would be great to make people relaxing. Kang later formed a terrain that hosts the location of this particular project and recruited many members to join and build a fantasy project. 

The project took about 4 months to complete, and every single shop and room was filled with detail decorations. The design was supervised by a professional architect, although many designs are made for an exception for the purpose of creativity. 

Looking forward, we think that this project sets a great example for future architecture we will design, but in addition is an eruption of our fantasizing minds. 

About this Project

Hot Spring island was a project that was inspired by the work of Mr. Hayao Miyazaki, Spirited Away. In the work of Spirited Away, the girl Chihiro went to a magical place where the Gods bath their weariness away. For LinsCraft it was an inspiration for the work Hot Spring island as we focus on the topic of ‘Hot Spring, Water, and Resort’. Rather than copying the idea from the movie, we moved on to making everything from scratch. The bathhouse becomes something completely different and the two works have no similarities. 


This project contains one bath house that is located at the center of the island. Surrounding it is an intricate marketplace that has different kinds of shops, restaurants, and entertainments for customers to spend their time and money at. 

Far away from the bathhouse are two offsite resort that hosts more customers who require a quiet location. The one near the bath households private small bathhouses for VIP customers who wants to immerse in nature. The other is an offsite resort that requires a boat to get within reach and is available for those who want to spend their afternoon tea time under the Giant Cherry Tree that blossoms for all seasons. 

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