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Inspired by a Chinese legend, the Heavenly Dog Eating the Moon represented an astronomical phenomenon: the Lunar Eclipse. Such special event can only be seen on a rare instance, which many people from ancient times thought it was to do with the heavenly beings that do not belong to our world.

In ancient China, people believe that the disappearing of the moon is contributed to one heavenly being, a Heavenly Dog that guards the Heavenly court of the Gods. To return the moon to its fullest shape, people will gather their instruments and play as loud as they can to scare away the dog.

Since this is the year of the dog, our team was inspired by this story and decided to recreate this scene with a slightly different twist. We combined the celebration of the Chinese New Year along with this beautiful astronomical event. By using a combination of Minecraft, animation rendering, and video editing, we are here presenting you our new piece: Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog: Heavenly Dog Eating the Moon. 

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